Professional communication

Image abstract d'une table avec des oiseux au milieu d'une rue et des maisons blanchesCommunication is a central concept to our society. Being able to communicate entails a real will and ability to listen and to analyse the intentions and the stories of those talking to us. Their reactions and attitudes are highly influenced by our own way of communicating, often without us even realising it. Communicating is an art, and like any art it requires sensitivity and training

Our professional communication programmes are ideal for companies and individuals alike, because they are tailor-made to fit everyone’s specific needs. Participants can maximise their professional efficiency in a few sessions by rethinking their strategies in communication, problem-solving, and conflict prevention.

  • Professional orientation
  • Searching for a job. Finding your footing on the labour market and devising strategies to find a job
  • Stress management: deconstructing fear, being assertive yet understanding, and daring to be authentic
  • Mobbing: preventing and managing conflicts
  • Motivating co-workers, handling conflicts and creating a positive atmosphere
  • Daring to be yourself: the irresistible charm of spontaneity
  • To persuade, you need to be persuaded
  • Becoming self-reliant, overcoming the fear of judgement
  • Being at ease and making others feel at ease in social and professional interactions
  • Discovering your own qualities and capitalising on them
  • Communicating positively and efficiently in private and professional life

The analysis and the elaboration of new strategies that will lead the student to new perspectives require up to 10 sessions.

Individual session :                   fr. 180.- per hour
Session for companies :            fr. 340.- per hour

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