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Originally elaborated for humanitarian purposes, the Varadi method “Around a language in 80 hours” is now used by diplomats, international organisations, companies and expatriates to learn a language in a short amount of time. The methodology of the Varadi Institute was developed by linguists from the Sorbonne and the University of Geneva, on the basis of a critical synthesis of traditional and modern experimental techniques. It provides active participation of the student and promotes rapid development of conversational skills and writing while providing spontaneous and profound knowledge of grammar.

48 languages are taught by native teachers

“Around a language in 80 lessons” is an innovative, stimulating and supportive approach which allows our students to learn a language in a very short time thanks to highly effective teaching techniques, tailored to each student. Your university-educated native teacher, trained with our methodology, will elaborate for you personalised language courses according to your goals and create unique teaching material according to your level. Grammar, vocabulary and all other elements of oral and written communication are introduced as necessary, in the context of real-life communication with your teacher. Your programme can be designed with a specific academic or professional orientation such as commercial, economic, legal, banking, scientific, advertising, touristic, technical, literary and medical.

If you are a beginner, a 15-20-lesson programme will allow you to reach the basic level of independence, and an 80-lesson programme will bring you to an advanced level, provided you can work on the language alongside courses.

If you already have some knowledge of the language you would like to improve, you will be able to reach your objective in 20 to 60 lessons, depending on your starting level.


Personalized programmes for adults, teenagers and children in a warm atmosphere at our school in the centre of Geneva or in your office

Special programmes for organisations, banks and companies

Flexible schedule from 7am to 10 pm • 7 days a week all year round


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Flexible schedule
from 7am to 10pm
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