Company X-ray

Photo de Barack Obama et Jon Favreau dans le Bureau ovale à la Maison Blanche“Company x-ray” is a form of coaching which identifies the functioning and the potential malfunctions of a group or company thanks to a comprehensive, in-depth analysis. It is a fast technique which pinpoints the sources and the dynamics of the problems in a company and gives an idea of its outside perception. Managers and heads of HR can thus get rid of the yoke of habit and discover innovative and constructive strategies for success.

Aims: to identify, recognise and neutralise the malfunctions of a company, an organisation or a group, thanks to a quick and comprehensive analysis; to modify these behaviours in a few sessions.

Duration: the analysis and the development of new strategies can be achieved in 1 to 20 sessions.

  • Analysis of the company culture and of the internal and external communication strategies; becoming aware of the atmosphere and the image of the company concerned
  • Reconsidering habitual frameworks
  • Becoming aware of the routine
  • The art of soft management: functional and traditional hierarchies
  • Support in setting up a company
  • Elaborating viability studies for new projects
  • Assessment and counselling

Rate : fr. 340.- per hour

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