Image d'un bébé avec un mortierThe current education system, characterised by a uniform pedagogical approach, does not always meet the specific needs of gifted students and sometimes even represents a serious obstacle to their intellectual and emotional development.

Therefore, surprisingly, many children with high intellectual potential face problems at school, in society and in communication with their families.

To ensure that the exceptional intellectual potential of these children allows them to integrate harmoniously into school and social life and to be happy, these children should receive intellectual stimulation appropriate to their needs, as well as comprehensive adequate support.

In order to meet the intellectual, psychological and social needs of such children, we offer special programmes for them.

Image d'un enfant avec des lunettes qui lit un livre

The purposes :

  • To satisfy the thirst for knowledge, to respect their individual rhythm of learning and to encourage the development of their talent
  • To contribute to their social and emotional balance
  • To eliminate the risks of marginalisation at school
  • To allow them to recover peace of mind and confidence in their own abilities

We offer :

  • A space where a child is appreciated for who he/she is, and where he/she can get acquainted and communicate with other gifted children
  • Help for the child to cope with his/her own peculiarities, solve problems with communication and develop strategies of success together
  • Help for the child to cope with the consequences of asymmetry between his/her intellectual and emotional maturity
  • Mediation with the teachers of the child’s school – on request only
  • A place for parents to share their difficulties in raising a child and together find an effective solution  

Programs :

  • courses in 46 languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, etc.
  • Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Literature and all other school subjects
  • time management and organisational skills, learning how to learn
  • drama club and journalism workshops
  • cultural events

Personalised programs for 46 languages and for all school subjects

Programs from 1 to 10 lessons a week

Flexible schedule • 7 days a week

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Flexible schedule
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