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Cours de langues pour entreprises - École VaradiWe offer personalized language courses in 46 foreign languages, adapted to the needs, goals and schedule of each student and of each company.

Our innovative and effective pedagogical approach will allow your employees to master a foreign language in record time. Courses are conducted by university-educated native speakers of the language who have been trained in our method. Throughout the course, students are in constant communication with their teacher, thus learning grammar, vocabulary and all aspects of written and oral communication in a functional manner during lively interaction, as opposed to a scholastic approach. Taking into consideration the specific needs of the student – technical vocabulary, professional communication – the programmes can include any professional orientation, such as commercial, economic, banking, legal, scientific, advertising, touristic, technical, literary, medical or any other field of your choice.

An 80-lesson programme will allow a beginner student to reach a level ranging from intermediate to advanced and a 15-20-lesson programme – to a basic level of independency.

If the student already has some knowledge of the language, a 20-60-lesson programme, depending on the starting level, may be enough to reach his/her objective.

The teacher will help the student determine the number of lessons necessary to achieve the desired goal.

A trial class will allow the student to observe the progress achieved during one lesson, get acquainted with the teacher and with our pedagogical approach.

Individual, semi-individual or mini-group courses can be held at our Institute in the heart of Geneva or at your office. They can include 1 to 20 classes per week

No-obligation trial course

Flexible schedule from 7 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week all year round

Possibility to cancel or reschedule a class at any time, with 24-hour notice

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Flexible schedule
from 7am to 10pm
7 days a week