Course programmes

Languages department

Around language in 80 hours” is a personalised programme of classes that will allow you to learn the language you have chosen in record time. Thanks to the innovative and effective pedagogical method, the student acquires new knowledge and skills throughout the lesson. Our methodology guarantees the ability to learn a new language in 80 lessons, but the student is free to choose the amount of lessons he/she needs to achieve his/her goal. If you are a beginner, a programme of 15 to 20 lessons will allow you to reach a basic level of autonomy. If you already have some knowledge of the language, then a programme of 20 to 60 lessons – depending on the level of your knowledge and your goals – will allow you to achieve fluency in the language you are studying.

Department for children and teenagers

  • Intensive classes and summer courses for children and teenagers
  • Linguistic training and tutoring programmes for children and teenagers who need to study at a non-native language school. If your child should study at school in French, English or German, and does not know this language, an accelerated programme of linguistic training will allow him/her to continue his/her education at school successfully and with pleasure. Further, the programme of linguistic support and classes with a tutor will allow your child to pass the school programme in the best terms.
  • Tutoring and remotivation. Personalized programmes to increase academic achievement will fill the gaps in the knowledge of the school curriculum, return the motivation to study, learn to study. Courses in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and 40 other languages, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, History, Literature and all school subjects.
  • Intensive classes and summer courses for young people. Personalized training programmes from 1 to 10 weeks appropriate to the age and specific needs of your child in a warm and stimulating environment. German, English, French + 30 languages ​​and all school subjects. 

Department for training secretaries

Programmes of preparation for the Secretarial Diploma of Secretary and the Assistant Manager Diploma of Assistant Manager in the period from of the duration of 2 to 12 months, depending on the starting level of knowledge.

Department of informatics

Full proficiency in software use (Word, Power Point, Excel, Outlook, Internet) for Windows, Mac and Linux

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