Language courses for children and teenagers


School of Breton children. Painting by Jean-Baptiste Jules Trayer (1882).

Our stimulating and effective language courses are developed by teachers – native speakers – according to the level of knowledge, learning characteristics, difficulties and goals of each child.

Our teachers create a unique lesson programme for each pupil, taking into account his/her particular needs and requirements, teaching grammar, vocabulary and all aspects of written and oral communication through real-life and engaging communication. The word lists are replaced by communication on topics appropriate to the age and interests of each student, which allows him/her to learn new words and grammatical constructions spontaneously and effectively.

Young people who attend our courses once or twice a week in parallel with their schoolwork will achieve tangible progress during the first classes and will quickly fill in the gaps in the knowledge of the school subjects.

A new student will reach a level of basic autonomy after completing a programme of 20 to 30 lessons, while a full programme of 80 lessons will allow him/her to achieve a level of general autonomy that corresponds to the level between intermediate and advanced, depending on how much he/she can do individually outside the classroom. 

Very often, students are reproached for lack of motivation, but we believe that motivation is the teacher’s job. The student’s motivation depends to a large extent on the pedagogical skills of the teacher, on his/her ability to trust while remaining demanding, on his/her ability to stimulate, spark interest, motivate, calm and adapt to the specific needs of each student. We can regain the confidence of a demotivated student from the first lesson, as soon as the teacher gives him/her the tools to succeed and the student will succeed. Whatever the student’s difficulties are, the adapted pedagogy based on an understanding of the mode of functioning of each child always leads to a rapid improvement and allows the student to return the motivation to study and self-confidence.

Our lessons are given in a warm, stimulating and often playful environment, as pleasure and work do not contradict each other; on the contrary, we learn better and more when we are engaged in fun through creative meaningful activities.

The first lesson without obligation will allow your child to assess the progress achieved during one lesson, get acquainted with his/her teacher and our pedagogical approach.

As there is no obligation on your part, you can change, postpone or cancel classes at any time by informing us 24 hours before classes.

Flexible schedule from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. 7 days a week all year round.

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Flexible schedule
from 7am to 10pm
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