Image abstraite d'une pyramide de cartes sur un champ vertA problem with academic achievement is a problem of the education system, but it is often attributed to the student, who experiences it as his/her own defeat. Apart from being unfair, a failure – or a constant fear of failure, supported by standardised and rigid demands – is the main factor that is demobilises and demotivates students who have lost confidence in their abilities. The behaviour of the “incapable of learning” or “conflictive” child is a reaction, not an unchanging character trait. I never met children or teenagers to which the motivation could not be returned.

In order to overcome the poor progress at school and deep discomfort of many young people disoriented by an increasingly competitive and rigid school system, and to solve problems with learning and behaviour, we offer pedagogical solutions without the use of medications.

Our seminars for teachers and parents are a platform for discussion and reconsideration of fundamental issues related to school and education, and they offer flexible and effective tools to help children and teenagers when they encounter difficulties.  

Individual or family counselling :    fr. 120.-

Flexible schedules 7 days a week

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