Students who fall prey to schools proposing “miracle methods” of learning languages have about the same success rate as investors who subscribe to “get rich quick” schemes. What makes Judith Varadi and her team so special is that they deliver a miracle without promising one.

Having mastered several languages the conventional way through years of structured classes and “séjours linguistiques,” I wanted to take a more efficient approach to learning Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. My demands were a tall order by any standard because I needed: (1) private lessons; (2) every day after work and on the weekends if I wasn’t travelling; and (3) to be functional in these two languages within 12 weeks.

The success of the Varadi method lies in its adaptability. Her tag-team of two multilingual teachers accelerated the learning process by using all of the languages I already knew to connect common linguistic concepts – sometimes even between Spanish and Japanese. Who knew such similarities existed! Within only a few weeks, I no longer needed the Spanish interpreters at the UN, and I was even able to have dinner with Brazilian friends while conversing in Portuguese.

The Ecole Varadi didn’t just give me two new languages; it gave me two lives full of new possibilities, both professional and personal. That’s why the Ecole Varadi alone is worth a trip to Switzerland – it opens the door to any world you want in 80 lessons.


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It was such a pleasure learning French with the Varadi method, I had two teachers who both made the classes very enriching and stimulating, the learning process was very quick, after the first couple classes, I could already have small conversations in French. The staff was very flexible and nice to accommodate me.

Mike Brown

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L’école Varadi est une institution exemplaire qui travaille avec une méthode unique, de très haut niveau. La directrice et les professeurs font tout ce qui est possible pour permettre aux étudiants d’apprendre la langue choisie le plus efficacement et le plus rapidement possible. Je souhaite beaucoup de succès à l’équipe de l’école Varadi! Je suis heureuse d’avoir connu cette école.


A Váradi iskola,egy magas szintű ,egyedi módszerrel dolgozó,példamutató , intézmény.Az igazgatónőtöl a tanárokig mind azon fáradoznak, hogy minnél hatékonyabban és gyorsabban elsajátisd az általad kiválasztott nyelvet.További sok sikert kivánok a nyelviskola kolektivájának ! Örömmel tölt el,hogy láthattam ezt az iskolàt és járhattam ott.

Irén Vastag

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I have been going to Ecole Varadi for 2 years now. I have nothing but positive things to say about the school. The staff is very friendly and always looking to help. The one-on-one lessons are highly customized to suit the students’ learning style and needs. I have been taking french lessons with Gaëlle for the last 2 years and she has been fantastic. Gaëlle is extremely well organized and prepared for each lesson and goes above and beyond what is expected. She keeps the lessons fun and exciting by mixing things up and does a great job on focusing on strengthening my weak areas. If anyone is on the fence about going to this school, I hope this review will help you in your decision making process.


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