Summer courses

Experience summer in Geneva in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian or 28 other languages by traveling around the world on virtual tours, fully immersed in the language of your choice, thanks to exciting and effective summer courses that you will experience like a real vacation.

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Your native teacher will take you on enchanting journeys and exciting discoveries in the language of your choice, you will marvel at breathtaking landscapes, admire the underwater world, visit the world’s most beautiful museums, go on safari and participate in festivities of distant ethnic groups.

At every moment of your lessons you will build new knowledge in the language you choose to learn and your teacher will introduce vocabulary and grammar in a lively, conversational way, not in an abstract, boring way.

Total immersion programs in English, German, French and 30 other languages will allow you to make real progress in the language of your choice in a few weeks, thanks to an innovative method and through enriching, stimulating and motivating activities.

The “Tour d’une langue en quelques semaines” is a fast and efficient language teaching program that allows you to learn a foreign language in record time thanks to highly effective and totally personalized teaching techniques, in a relaxed and stimulating atmosphere, thanks to flexible, creative and warm teachers who know how to motivate their students and adapt to the specific needs of each participant.

Most of our students tell us about their deep aversion to grammar and are reassured to discover another way to approach it: instead of studying abstract and theoretical rules, they discover clear and practical shortcuts.

No vocabulary lists either, as you will memorize vocabulary through lively and authentic conversations with your teacher on topics you are passionate about. Your teacher will design a completely personalized program for you based on your level, pace, gaps, goals and specific needs.

Motivating summer courses for children and teenagers

Accelerated summer courses prepare newly arrived children in Geneva for the start of the school year so that they can continue their schooling in French or English without difficulty. They can follow the courses afterwards, in parallel with their school classes, as long as they need them.

Motivating summer courses for children and teenagers

Effective, fun and motivating tutoring allows children and teens to prepare for the new school year without compromising the fun of summer vacation.

Our remedial tutoring programs in all academic subjects are tailored to the specific needs of each student and take place in a stimulating and reassuring atmosphere. Warm and experienced teachers with real pedagogical skills teach their native language and all school subjects with a flexible but structured, demanding but encouraging, interactive and lively pedagogy that puts the student at the center of learning.

Innovative and totally personalized pedagogical solutions allow children and teenagers to fill in the gaps in the subjects that are causing them problems, to regain confidence in their abilities, to restore their self-esteem and to discover that learning can be a real pleasure.

Whether it’s math, science, German, French or reading classes, it’s important to restore the student’s confidence in his or her abilities and motivation. Along the way, the student will also learn to learn and acquire learning strategies.

Flexible schedule from 7am to 10 pm • 7 days a week all year round


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Flexible schedule
from 7am to 10pm
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